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Terrified but focused:

I woke up at 4 AM this morning to a fast beating heart, and a sobering realization. I am 52 days out from an approximately 8 hour long gravel bike race and 66 days out from an approximately 8 hour long mountain run. I am also currently recovering from one of the worst stomach flus I have ever experienced in my life. Thank you Mexico!
At this point I have a few options, one of them is to quit. But I already paid my entry fees and so I am (at this point) going for it. This is the time to “put up or shut up”, “fish or cut bait”, or “do what I already did too much of last week in Mexico”.
In my humble opinion, it is adversity that brings out the best in us. And I am banking on that over the next few weeks. I want to do well in these races, I want to have FUN during these races, and I want to recover well from both of these events. I have a few things going for me.
#1 I worked hard this winter to create a healthy recovered body and a solid base for a great training program. #2 I’m old, and …