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Getting back in the groove...

It's January... and I didn't expect to be in the situation I am right now but I am actually glad I am here. I worked hard in December to keep up my workouts and allowed myself to eat just about everything. My thinking was that if I stayed strong I could get away with not so great eating habits. Oh how the world just laughs and laughs... I started feeling sick a few days before Christmas and haven't done a lick of real exercise in nearly two weeks. So much for strength!

So... my antibiotics are doing their job and I am back to teach 4 classes a week tomorrow. EEEK! This week might suck. So I am getting ahead of the game with a plan to feel and work my best over the next few weeks.

Last year I hit it really hard in March and got my body fat lower than it has been since my 20s... and it was still winter. By the time bathing suit season hit I was burned out and ready to just play. So this year I am working on a slow and steady improvement to try and keep my body fat at a…