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Congratulations on finishing up the first month of 2015! You succeeded in doing it with a bang. It has been great to see so many new faces in the gym and old ones returning. We love the energy in the gym this time of year. Our resolution for 2015 is to keep it going all year long!
The Wellness Festival in January was a great time to recharge and remind us all  why we work so hard to stay healthy and active. My new personal favorite motto is: “I practice indoor training for the outside world” This was a quote from Tony Horton when he was in town for the festival. There were a few things that he talked about in his Friday night keynote speech that really hit home and are worth a  share if you didn’t get a chance to go.
Do your best and forget the rest:Work hard in the gym, trust the program you have chosen and don’t worry about the chatter around you from friends, social media, or the rest of the outside world. If it isn’t going to help you get to yourgoals, it is potentially a waste of val…