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Learning to balance workouts and hunger:

I have learned some interesting things over the last 4 weeks of logging and thought I might share… Ever since I began logging my food in 2001 (no that is not a typo, I have actually been logging my food for 11 years.) I have always done it on my terms. I was able to tweak whatever I needed to do make the results happen. Counting my workouts as cardio, not counting housework or yard work as workouts, and taking a break from logging on the weekends were all things I learned to do that did not necessarily follow the rules.
Regardless of my activity level, I was always pretty successful with my weight loss when I logged. There were times I was working a desk job, and right after pregnancy when I was up all night and still able to lose my baby weight (all 40 pounds of it) within the time I had given myself to lose. It didn’t matter how active or stressed or busy I was, I was able to make it happen. Obviously I am better at it now than I was when I first started.  I have learned a few tri…

The Self Respect Perspective

I am a 35 year old personal trainer. I am 5.4, 128 pounds, a mom, and a wife. I work my butt off for my health, my body and my life and I am proud of it.  I look great for having 1 child and once being a size 16 Marlboro Mediums lover.. My chest is less pretty  than I would like but I have my mom’s chest, I also have my mom’s legs which are killer so I will take them. I don't love my once broken nose or round cheeks, but when I smile they all work together so I wouldn't change a thing. I have been told by people that “I know what I want and that is rare.” It drives me crazy. Why is it rare? Doesn’t everyone know what they want? Shouldn’t everyone know what they want? I am realizing how rare it is as I read posts lately on curvy and skinny girls and the hatred from both “sides”.  I see people posting that "society" has created a completely unattainable image for women and I don't buy it. I highly doubt that all these angry posters are 16 years old and it sadde…