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You have to try this exercise!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been beefing up my training for the Dead Swede Hundo – 40 mile bike race by following Caryn’s training plan. For you forty mile folks you know what I’m talking about. For those that don’t, Caryn has us completing two functional workouts a week that include various functional weight training exercises such as handle bar mountain climbers, plank jacks, etc. While I was familiar with most of these exercises starting out the program, there were a few exercises that were new to me. One specifically called the Lateral Jump Squat with Bosu. A mouth full for sure, but this exercise will leave you feeling energized and balanced. I even had my friends Megan and Becki try it and it left them talking about the results days later!

Here’s a quick description of the exercise. Start with Right leg on bosu and left leg on the ground with ankle directly under your hip. Make sure it’s not too far out to the side as you want to make sure you are performing a proper squatting …