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Great nutrition questions from clients and friends!!!

1.I am having trouble making a meal for 1; I freeze leftovers which I will eat if I remember I froze them. I find myself eating popcorn or fast food or I don’t eat because I have over eaten at lunch. If the hospital has something I like I will bring it home.  I am stuck with food choices, portions? Single serving fish, chicken, or even steaks are great. If you want to do something with leftovers soups are great options. Casseroles and pasta dishes can get you in trouble quickly! If you like salads make sure they are made with enough ingredients to really be a meal. Add a protein like meat, tofu or beans and add fat to keep you satisfied. Cheese can add a lot of flavor and lower fat options like feta or goat cheeses are also full of protein. Eggs are also great! You can make a frittata or omelette for one. 2.How do you eat healthier with a busy schedule and kids? What are your go to snacks? What is something you always have in the house to eat? Annnnd how can you eat healthy when you go …