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Wellbeing Wednesday: Planning for Success

Fall. it’s a great time to celebrate the change of season and cooler weather. It’s the time for pumpkin flavored everything and apple baked goodies. It’s also when we pull out the comfortable sweaters and yoga pants and ditch the shorts and tank tops. With the cooler, shorter days and less outdoor activity, it is easy to reduce your exercise level and increase your food intake without realizing it. This is one of the biggest attributes to pre-holiday weight gain. I know what you are thinking… you thought there was only holiday weight gain, and now there is PRE holiday weight gain? But there is a way to avoid both, and it is all about setting yourself up for success as the days get shorter and colder.
Take a look back: What did you do to stay active this summer? Was it gardening and yard work? Hiking, biking and running? Chasing the kids at the reservoir? Did you train for a race that had you following a specific program to keep you focused? Now is the time…