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Thanksgiving Day Healthy Tips

Did you know that the average American can consume 5,000 or more calories on Thanksgiving Day? Turkey, stuffing, gravy, pie: it all adds up to a food coma in front of the TV all afternoon. 
It’s great to indulge, but if you have a plan you can avoid completely overdoing it and setting yourself back from all of the work you have done to achieve your goals up until the big day.
~ Start the morning right! Get in a solid workout before you hit the kitchen. Attend The Turkey Trot, get to the gym and try our posted Workout of the Week, or get in some calisthenics in your home to get your blood pumping and feeling good about the day ahead. A post-meal walk outside with family will also keep you feeling great and energized all day.
~ Follow your normal eating schedule. It is easy to get engrossed in the cooking and prepping. Make sure you get your normal breakfast and at least a light lunch (depending on Thanksgiving meal time). If you are starving when you sit down to the table there is a good …