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Power Pancake Recipe

Equal parts of each: 1 cup Whole eggs 1 cup Uncooked Quick cooking oats (organic or non) 1 cup Cottage cheese
Ok ok ok! I know you all are probably thinking, “what in the fresh....kinda pancake is this??!!”
Just trust me on this one. You can surely use just egg whites here, but studies are showing that the yolk actually has more protein and nutrients than the white itself so you may as well use the whole egg and get as much out of your meal as possible!
As for the cottage cheese, it’s up to you to use fat free, low fat, or full fat. Whatever you decide, be mindful of the sugar content as most low or fat free options of any food add sugar to make up for flavor that fat provides. I personally like Daisy brand as it has the fewest ingredients.
I like to start with cracking the eggs into a liquid measuring cup. If you’re a little below or above your 1 cup line it’s not going to matter that you use 1 cup of the other two ingredients.
Mix all three ingredients in a bowl. (*optional; you can…