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Wellbeing Wednesday:

Running and I have had a long on and off again relationship. I remember my first run; recently quit smoking and still mourning the death of an incredibly close friend. I was 18 years old and desperately yearning to feel something other than the usual swing between apathy and despair. Mind you, at this point I had never run in my life. Truly, I hadn’t even run the mile in high school. They let us walk it. My only physical activity was gained from my waitressing job. Fortunately I was easily working 40 hours a week, so I wasn’t unfamiliar with movement. But I certainly wasn’t familiar with the beast known as cardio. I stepped onto the treadmill of the YMCA and wondered what all the buttons do. I decided to stick with “start”, it seemed the most straightforward. It took me over 12 minutes to run a single mile. I was destroyed afterwards. My heart was pumping frantically to return oxygen into my body and regain a normal heart rate. I felt nauseous, exhausted, exhilarated and for a very sh…