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Wellbeing Wednesday: Finding success with support:

Maintaining healthy habits is hard. In the abstract, we all know that eating well and exercising is good for us. But that’s not always easy to translate into the motivation we need to make positive changes. We often avoid change and then feel guilty because of it, but we also miss out on the feeling of accomplishment, and the joy and energy that comes with eating well and exercising.

Most of us believe we know what to eat or what to do (have more vegetables, right?), but translating that into your life isn’t so simple. Sometimes what we are really missing is support to make those choices and stick to them. We all need someone in our corner, someone to work out our problems with and help us stick to our goals.
What I’m really trying to say is to take time to find that person or that group who will stand in your corner. For you, that might mean a friend who is in the same boat, someone at work who walks with you over lunch, a family member who wants the best for you, a personal trainer to…