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Cooking with Kweeno...

I freaking love this commercial...
But guess what.. Quinoa (pronounced Keenwah even though I like to call it Kweeno) does NOT have to taste like a "dirty ole tree branch".
Quinoa is a seed that is eaten like a grain. It is extremely high in protein and fiber with lots of other great stuff like flavonoids that are antiviral and antiinflammatory. It is full of amino acids (for recovery) and magnesium.
It comes in 3 main varieties: Red, White, and Black

You cook it by boiling it like rice. I like to cook it in chicken or vegetable broth instead of plain water. I find it takes on a flavor similar to those chicken flavored rice packets we used to eat in college when you cook it this way. Goodbye tree branch!

I made this recipe last week and it lasted the whole week as a solid side for my lunches and dinners throughout the week. It's a little bit crunchy, sweet, salty and fresh. I messed around a bit with the flavors and didn't follow this recipe exactly but since you asse…