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What to do when you are burning more calories than you really want to eat. Yeah, I know... 1st world problems.

Hey guys!  I have had a few people remark about having problems getting enough calories down as they have increased their activity levels over the last few weeks.
Disclaimer for those of you that don't know me personally: I have some clients who have bumped workouts up by double with the addition of new classes to our schedule or drastically changed up their daily activity in the last few weeks.

Short and sweet: In the past you may have done a 30 to 50 minute workout. You logged your calories according to body weight and intensity and off you went with your day. Woohoo! A few hundred more calories to fuel your body with and you needed them. Those are the days when you want to eat within a close margin of your base and exercise calories back to strengthen your metabolism and fuel that awesome machine that carries you through every day.

Long and laborous: Now that you have multiple trainers and 23 classes on the PURENERGY schedule its like a calorie burning buffet every day. 30 minute…