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Wellbeing Wednesday: Smarter choices for your caffeine fix.

Smart Switches for your Caffeine Fix
As summer ends and the crisp air of fall glides in, it’s time to put down the iced drink for a hot cup of your favorite latte. The Pumpkin Spice Latte has built up a serious following as the fall drink of choice, but at 380 calories for a 16oz Grande with 2% milk and whipped cream, it’s more of a decadent dessert than a caffeine pick-me-up.
As a general rule, the more that’s added to your coffee drink, the more calories you’re going to get. Espresso, drip coffee, and the various teas are more trustworthy sources for your daily caffeine, while specialty lattes, frappuccinos and mochas are drinks to beware of. These will give you the caffeine boost you need, but expect a load of sugar and the calories of a small meal. Look below to find a list of Starbucks Grande drinks that weigh in under 150 calories.
Smart switches to make to your drinks:
You are craving that fall-flavored PSL, but trying to be conscious of the extra calories and sugar that your body …