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Eating better as a family at home:

When I was a kid family dinner was an every day experience in our house. My dad commuted to work. He left super early before we got up and was always walking in the door at 5:30 PM after a 60 mile drive to be home just in time for dinner. My mom was a stay at home mom who was always busy with three girls and lots of church volunteering. She wasn’t a particularly adventurous cook but she did cook dinner usually 4-5 nights per week. We had a rotation that was regular enough to remember it today. Mondays were Spaghetti, which was boxed noodles and her homemade meat sauce passed down from her Italian ancestors. (She would make the sauce on Sundays.) Tuesdays were Chicken Chattanooga, which was my least favorite concoction of fried onions, chicken and mushroom gravy. I still shudder and gag a little when I think about Chicken Chattanooga nights in our house. Wednesdays were usually steaks in the winter or fresh fish in the summers. Thursdays were spiced shrimp from the local seafood market…