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Wellbeing Wednesdsay: Mindfullness

Mindfulness: More than Mediation

The fitness and gym industry is at a beautiful crossroads. The tendency for aesthetically based fitness goals are beginning to more often merge towards wellness and health related aspirations. Our society is starting to earnestly view exercise as a preventative and treatment method for many autoimmune and chronic diseases. More and more, individuals want to improve their longevity, extended their independence in later years, and feel good in their body.
Unfortunately, many people are exercising “blindly”. They find a workout in an article or from Pinterest and go through the movements. Now don’t misunderstand me, there are still many benefits and results that will occur from this. I am not advocating that this is a wrong approach. For many it is a huge accomplishment to get themselves to the gym, and truly it is! Beginning or continuing a regular exercise schedule is a feat in itself. What I do want to suggest is bringing mindfulness into your fitnes…