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Dates are tasty! Health Benefits And Homemade Lara Bars:

Do you eat dates? Have you ever tried a date? If you haven’t you should give them a try! 

If you know and love dates, then you’ll surely be stoked on this recipe. Who knew they could be such a yummy little treat and used in a variety of ways! I had not known much about dates until a few years back when my good friend Jenna shared a recipe with me of her version of a Larabar that included dates. I was unsure at first but gave them a shot and now they are a staple in our kitchen. I thought it would be a fun recipe to continue to pass along, especially because it is already mid-January and if you are like me, you are likely beginning to look for a new recipe to meet the needs of your taste buds and also meet the parameters of your New Year’s nutrition goals.
4 tasty ingredients and about 15 minutes of prep time is all it takes to make this yummy, whole-food snack. Enjoy!
Larabars Ingredients: 2 tbsp. cocoa powder ½ cup unsweet coconut flakes 1 cup mixed nuts 1 cup pitted dates

Combine ingredient…