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Smart and well planned training for your goals:

*NOTE: I honestly don't know if I can take full credit for this. It was compiled from several word files on my computer with no documenting of sources. Some of it sounds like my writing and some of it may have been pulled from other articles. I abhor plagiarism and held off on posting this for a long time because of my fears that it wasn't original work. But it is great info that I wanted to share. So enjoy! And give this credit to all of the amazing trainers and researchers out there that contribute to the education of health and fitness!  Yours in health and fitness, Caryn

There are three energy systems: aerobic, anaerobic, and ATP-CP. All three of the energy systems are intertwined and need to be trained in specific ways in order to get the most benefit. In my opinion, to be truly fit, you absolutely have to train the energy systems intelligently and methodically, just like you would train for increasing strength in a methodical fashion. To ignore it or do it haphazardly leads …