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The Empty Lot:

There is a place in my world where dreams manifest and plans are made, where hope is strong and motivation is created. It is a humble and simple place. It is here, the empty lot.
Earlier this summer one of my members asked me why I always mow the lot beside the gym. He said “You have people for that. Couldn’t you spend your time better?" It really made me think. I like to mow my lot… but I didn’t really think about the why until then. Each time I have mowed this summer those words return to me and I think of all of the reasons why I like to mow my own lot. When I mow I imagine the future of our business.  Kids going through sports programs, a bigger group exercise room. I think about how cool it would be for us to have more space, more offices, more people helping other people to improve their lives through health and fitness. I don’t think of it as time wasted doing a menial task, because to me it isn’t menial, it is creative.
Every great mentor I have ever worked with speaks of t…