The Empty Lot:

There is a place in my world where dreams manifest and plans are made, where hope is strong and motivation is created.
It is a humble and simple place. It is here, the empty lot.

Earlier this summer one of my members asked me why I always mow the lot beside the gym. He said “You have people for that. Couldn’t you spend your time better?" It really made me think. I like to mow my lot… but I didn’t really think about the why until then.
Each time I have mowed this summer those words return to me and I think of all of the reasons why I like to mow my own lot.
When I mow I imagine the future of our business.  Kids going through sports programs, a bigger group exercise room. I think about how cool it would be for us to have more space, more offices, more people helping other people to improve their lives through health and fitness.
I don’t think of it as time wasted doing a menial task, because to me it isn’t menial, it is creative.

Every great mentor I have ever worked with speaks of the importance of meditation and creative thought. There has to be a why to our every day lives. Do you work hard at your job because of the hours you are required to be there or for the hope of a better life for you and your family?
That why is also essential in exercise. I ride my bike because it is a place where I can go to reflect, plan and digest all of the thoughts in my head. Yes it is a place I get exercise, but it is so much more than that. Riding my bike is my meditation… my creative space.
Often the reason people start working out is because they feel like they are “supposed to.” But those who make exercise a consistent part of their life soon find out that we exercise for the process, and not always the results. Do you come only for the result of the goal you have set for yourself? Or do you come to the gym every day because it makes you feel better, accomplished, and in control? 

It is often easy to get discouraged in the gym and in everyday life when you only focus on the results. To achieve weight loss you must first focus on better habits and better health. To achieve a better income you must find a job that satisfies and fuels a passion. 
I have some big hairy audacious exercise goals for next summer. Those goals will make it easier to be consistent despite cold temps and snow on the ground in the coming months. But those winter workouts will be filled with dreams of epic summer rides, beautiful runs, and achieving race PRs. 

Do you have a place set aside to dream? A place to think about the things you can achieve in your tomorrow? Or are you going through the motions every day without a reason for doing what you do? 

 Find your own empty lot, something that inspires you to get out of bed every morning and live each day as a chance for better. What inspires you? What excites you? Find your passion in what inspires you the most and your eyes will see brighter color, your heart will beat stronger and your soul will be well nourished and happy. 

Caryn Moxey is the owner of PURENERGY Fitness and has been a personal trainer since 1999. She enjoys doing anything outdoors with family and friends. She also raises 18 crazy chickens and loves to garden and grow apples. 


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