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Plyometrics: What are they and how can they be useful to you?

It’s that time of year where everything slows down, especially our motivation. It’s busier, colder and all the comfort foods emerge. Most of us tend to hit a plateau around this time of year, but you can clear it with some properly applied plyometric exercises!
I believe a lot of people avoid Plyometrics because they think it’s a training style only meant for athletes. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Explosive movement is applied in all walks of life. From Grandpa jumping out of his seat to catch a falling grandchild, to the middle aged woman leaping over a rain puddle. All people should have the ability to produce powerful movement to maintain overall fitness and independence. Not to mention all the other amazing benefits, but we’ll get to those in a moment.

Plyo 101 So what exactly is Plyometrics training? “Plyometrics can be thought of as exercises that train the fast muscle fibers and the nerves that activate them, as well as reflexes, and include a variety of hopp…