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Wellbeing Wednesday: Choosing a workout plan that motivates.

Its nearly January. The time when many of us are creating goals for the year and looking for plans to achieve them. Whether it is dropping 2 dress sizes, completing your first marathon, or regaining your health, the trick to success is finding the right plan. And following that plan requires the right motivation.
I find myself repeating a favorite quote this time of year. 

A successful achievement is one that allows us to enjoy the process AND the results.  When you come up with a  goal, ask yourself WHY, get deep into the things you feel you will achieve by reaching those goals. Why do YOU care about looking good in a bathing suit on a beach full of people you don’t know? Why do you want to run 26.2 miles and invest time in doing it? Is it the final reward or the journey to get there? You will need very compelling reasons to stick to your guns when it isn’t comfortable or convenient for you.
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