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Today was my 36th birthday and was lucky enough to have it on a Friday this year. That means I get to stay up a little later than usual AND I got to workout with my clients! Being at work today was actually a great gift. I had a ball kicking butts and kicking my own along with them in one of my classes. I just kept telling them that when they worked hard it was an extra birthday gift to me! Here is the workout we did in class. It was fun and went quicker than expected. Took about 38 minutes for us to do it as a class. Enjoy and have a great day! I am looking forward to creme brulee or something else that is lovely and yummy tonight for dessert!

Why we do it the way we do...

Why we do it the way we do… We trainers all have our own way of doing things. We are nothing if not passionate about what we do. Most of us believe that the way we do things is the best way. We have seen it work in our own bodies and the bodies of our clients and have learned what works and what doesn’t work. And there are some definite reasons why I do things the way I do. Today I got some good feedback because my class was hard. People liked it and they worked their butts off. When I sat down to build the workout my plan was “make it hard”…. It got the job done. But there is a reason why not every workout I do is so hard. It doesn’t always have to be hard to be effective. There are many exercises out there that have a purpose besides inducing your gag reflex and making you sore for the entire weekend. There are many days that I sit down and plan a workout with a plan to “improve their coordination” or “increase their core awareness” or “improve their cardio endurance”. Sometimes…