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Tasty dessert!

It's Friday night, I have energy  and motivation to cook and I want something goooood. I start shopping the foodie blogs for some inspiration. I was really motivated for dessert so that is where I started. I saw this amazing thing called Swoon Pie on Southern Living a few days ago… a little too luxurious for this weekend. So I gravitated to the homemade snickerdoodles I saw on the same site.
(I was tempted to post a picture of the swoon pie and snickerdooldes here but I won't torture all of us.)
I have no willpower with baked goods on my counters. I am pretty sure they call my name to be eaten. Most of the time they call me on the way home in the car and by the time I get home I am salivating. I have found that if I cook something the whole family will love there is less chance for leftovers. So I wanted to run it by the 6 year old and husband to make sure this stuff would get eaten. I hate it when my Friday night baking weaknesses are still around 4 days later. 6 year old …