Are you in a little bit of a workout rut? Have you been working out but feel bored with your current playlists? My sister-in-law and I were just talking about ideas and ways to get a boost if you’ve been feeling unmotivated or bored. I put together a little recipe to help give you the boost you are needing. It includes 3 motivating workout songs and a pyramid workout structure.

Song #1: “This is Me” by Kesha. You might recognize it from the recent hit movie “The Greatest Showman.” Not only does this song have super motivating lyrics it also has a killer drum beat that makes it easier to push a little harder in your workout.    


Song #2 “Walk on Water” by Thirty Seconds to Mars. Again, motivating lyrics and a nice beat to keep your heartrate in that desired work zone.

Song #3 called “Gang of Rhythm” by Walk Off the Earth. This song is a little faster paced and upbeat. Fun lyrics to help keep your mind off the monotony of your exercise.

And finally, a workout pyramid!     

15 seconds work: 15 seconds rest.
30 seconds work: 15 seconds rest.
45 seconds work: 15 seconds rest.
45 seconds work: 15 seconds rest.
30 seconds work: 15 seconds rest.
15 seconds work: 15 seconds rest.

You can incorporate this into a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout by picking two exercises and alternating between the two as you make your way up and down the pyramid. Rest for at least one and a half minutes before moving to a new set of exercises. The best part about this workout structure is it can be used on the treadmill, running outside or even on your indoor or outdoor bicycle! (Note: You can find more details of this workout structure from Master Trainer Amy Dixon at Schwinn Indoor Cycling.)

So there you are! If you are in a bit of a workout funk or feeling bored, download 3 new songs and do a pyramid workout. Enjoy!

Amanda is a speech pathologist for the Sheridan County School District and has taught spin classes for 5 years. She loves bringing energy to her classes with a great playlist and tons of energy. When she is not in the gym, she can be found playing outdoors biking, running and skiing with her husband, dog, and friends!


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