How to beat the winter blues:

Man, this winter is long. I know, I live in Wyoming. But this one just seems like it has been a rough one. I am actively working on keeping the winter blues at bay and thought I would share some of the things I do to keep the hope alive during the winter months!

Eat your fruits and berries. 
It’s easy to forget how good summer tastes! This is the time of year when local veggies are hard to come by. So I make the most of the raspberries, blackberries, and citrus fruits in the produce section. I like anything that is fresh and easy to eat. Grapes and clementines are a favorite in our family in addition to berries. Fruits have a variety of benefits, from vitamin C to healthy antioxidants and many other nutrients that we need year round, especially in the flu and cold heavy winter season. 

Want to make fruit fun? Try something new like golden berries. They are the sour patch kids of the fruit world and fun to eat with your kids too!

Get hot! Getting a good sweaty workout, or attending a hot yoga class is a great way to boost your immune system and your morale. Plus it is proven that moderate to high intensity workouts can actually give a you boost when your body is fighting illness. The general rule is if you are stuffed up, you are okay to perform a moderate workout. But if you have a chest cold or body-aches it is better to rest until you feel better.

Get inspired. I love the outdoors, running and biking in our mountains is my favorite part of living in Wyoming. But sometimes I get too busy to take the time to grab the snowshoes and get an outdoor workout in. So I go for great movies when I am on the bike trainer or the treadmill. It’s a great way to build endurance during the winter months and get excited for summer.
If you are training for the Bighorn Run check out “The Worlds Highest Race” or “Desert Runners”. Riding the bike trainer or spin bike? Check out apps like Peleton or The Sufferfest (see photo above) or attend a spin class!

Stoke the Hope: One of my favorite sayings is…

Sometimes in the dead of winter it is easy to hibernate on the couch, raid the fridge and just try to exist until the weather gets nicer. But I have found this negatively effects health and mindset and often makes winter seem even longer! So plan a special trip for spring, or make some bucket list items to hit over the summer. Knowing that you have to stay healthy and fit for golf trips, hiking trips, or beach vacations can be a great motivator to get moving.

Our winters are long, but we can still have fun, stay healthy, and enjoy our beautiful Wyoming days!

Caryn Moxey is the owner of PURENERGY Fitness and has been a personal trainer since 1999. She enjoys doing anything outdoors with family and friends. She also raises 18 crazy chickens and loves to garden and grow apples. 


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