Be Unstoppable in 2018:

Happy New Year!
I love this time of year, people are excited to be in the gym! And since that is where I spend most of my days I am really glad you are there too. It’s nice to have company!
 Every year at PURENERGY we put up a white board for the month of January at the front desk so people can write down their goals for the year. I love seeing everyone’s plans and I enjoy the experience of writing my own goals down. The board hangs on the wall with the previous years and it’s a great reminder to yourself each day of your promise and goal in the coming year.

I think of creating your goal as like putting a pin on a map and the journey to get there is like your path to your destination.

Imagine your current state of health is a location on a map. You are in town, maybe it’s Outofshapetown, or Neverruna5ktown, or Flabbytown. And your “goal” is to get to Athletitown, or Healthytown, or Ripton. (Seriously make up your own, its hilarious.) Please note, a little sense of humor is great, but negative self talk is never okay. Okay?

Your goal over the next 3,6 or 12 months is to make it to your goal town on the shortest route possible. And just like driving through our town, the shortest route is the one with the least amount of stops.
As you plan your route for the year you need ask yourself what is going to get in the way of your goals?  Lack of time, other responsibilities, injury or sickness, and sometimes just plain forgetting where you are going are all obstacles that will get in the way. 

You can also ask yourself what will keep you on the path over the coming months, what makes getting to that destination worth it?

This year, focus on staying on the road! You don’t need a fancy car, or four wheel drive, you just need to stay focused on your goal destination and getting there quickly and safely. Plan your workouts into your week as an important event. Set yourself up for success. Short on time? Starting new? You can achieve amazing results with 3 workouts a week. Consistency trumps intensity ALWAYS.

Be Unstoppable!
Be Relentless!
Be Focused!
Be Better!
Achieve your goals, then make new ones! 
When you stop by the gym this week be sure to take a look at the boards from past years, and commit to one for yourself this year. Looking for a way to hold yourself accountable this month? Check out our free challenge on facebook here. PURENERGY Fitness January Jumpstart

Have a great first week!

Caryn Moxey is the owner of PURENERGY Fitness and has been a personal trainer since 1999. She enjoys doing anything outdoors with family and friends. She also raises 18 crazy chickens and loves to garden and grow apples. 


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