Now is the time... The time to inspire yourself, to find your confidence and discipline to achieve your goals. To take charge and find your best self!
What does it mean to find your best self? We often mistake our best for something materialistic and visual. The automatic answer is "a sixpack" or "getting into my old jeans".
But I have found that those are just the things that come along once you have found your best version of you.
Ask yourself: when am I most happy? What is it about that time that makes me happy?
Now ask yourself...what do I have to do to find myself in those situations more often?

Find the moments that fuel you, that improve your energy and your outlook on life.

Exercise helps me find my find my happy... but it doesn't make me happy. There is a difference. You see, exercise empowers me, it makes me stronger and reminds me that I have to take care of my health so that I can live life and treasure the moments. Travel makes me happy, good times with family and friends and creating new memories makes me happy. But if I am not strong and healthy I can't experience these moments as much as I can when I am healthy and full of energy.
 Over the next two weeks I am challenging you to find the things that will make you a happier person. To know that what you truly want and what you want right now are not always the same thing. To improve your focus and your discipline for the bigger picture. I have given you a challenge almost every day to do something that isn't fun, and isn't easy. Yep you guessed it... the squats, the push-ups, and the abs. Can you do it? Can you achieve and rise to the challenge to get that done 6 times a week for the next two weeks? It seems easy, it only takes a few minutes. But the little voices inside our heads make it easy to believe that skipping a day is no big deal. But it is a big deal. Complete the challenge and set yourself up for success. You will feel amazing after two weeks by successfully getting just that little challenge accomplished each day.


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