What to eat when you really want some junk...

I teach 3 classes a week at the gym and we often spend the first few minutes of class discussing health or nutrition questions. Last week we were talking about what to eat when you really want junk, also known as how to love the food that loves your body.

General Tso's chicken, french fries, ice cream, pizza... oh the list goes on and on....

If you are trying to improve your eating and possibly your waistline it's handy to know how to cook! Here is the number one thing I learned to make that "diet" a lot less like one and still have the flavors you love.

Craving a slice from your favorite pizza place but know that the extra dough and salt will make you feel awful later? Focus on what you want... Is it the dough? Is it the sauce? Is it the melty mozzarella and romano salty goodness? Eat the part you crave and sub the rest with something healthy! Check out recipes for portabello pizzas, pizza on an eggplant, pizza on an english muffin, or cauliflower crust pizza.

Sometimes if I want to fill a pizza craving quick I will even cook up some veggies and add sauce and cheese to them.

If you think about the foods you crave, whether it is your favorite Chinese dish, or fast food side, or even a dessert... Examine what it is you are craving about it and take the challenge to make it something that you will feel great about and not regret later.

What kind of foods do you crave? What ingredients are you afraid of? Let me know and we can keep the recipes and ideas coming through the month!


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