Eggs Florentine with Healthy Hollandaise! (Otherwise titled: Holy Crap that was Yumm-O!)

I might be onto something, and it has taken me way to long to figure it out...
I can cook healthy and it is AWESOME! 

For the last 8 years or so my passion in following my healthy lifestyle was "everything in moderation". I ate normal everyday foods and controlled my intake and portion size to keep myself around the size I wanted to be. After years of waaaay too much junk-food and gigantic portion sizes (think multiple Krispy Kremes at 2 am and whole medium Papa Johns Pizzas in one sitting), this was a big step. But over the last year or so my life has gone in the way that moderation wasn't cutting it anymore. I was starving all of the time despite eating a moderate calorie intake and the scale was slowly creeping up despite my regular regimen of active job, daily gym workouts and teaching group exercise classes. I was sick of being HUNGRY! But if I ate when I was hungry I gained weight and I was feeling trapped in my own skin for the first time in many years.

I needed to clean up my act... But I was torn, I don't ever want to be so healthy that going out on occasion for a bar meal and drinks makes me sick. It seems almost unpatriotic to me to not be able to down a brew and a burger with fries on occasion. And I didn't want to be stuck eating broccoli and boiled chicken for the rest of my life. (To be honest, broccoli and boiled chicken don't even sound good for 1 day of my life.)

Over the last few months I have cleaned up my eating and really started listening to what my body needed, and not just what it wanted. I haven't eliminated anything, if I have a craving I examine it and understand that cravings are my body trying to talk to me. Sometimes I follow it and sometimes I go take a shower instead. I follow a macro-nutrient plan that works for me, it took a while to find the best combo for me as I am today. I have done ALOT of food logging over the past 11 years and was able to take a real educated look at what was working and what wasn't.
So far so good. I am less hungry than I have been in a long time and lighter and lower body fat than I have been since I was 18 years old. 
But it hasn't always been easy, and to be honest I was running out of steam over the last 3 weeks because I was sick to death of vegetables and lean protein for dinner and I missed things like toast with my eggs at dinner and desserts that weren't a protein shake.
I took some drastic measures this week and joined Pinterest. I got inspired!!! and educated.
I went to the health food store and bought weird stuff like quinoa flakes and almond milk and cacao powder and rice protein. I learned that whey protein makes baked goods rubbery, seriously doesn't everyone know that?
 And this week I have eaten GOOOOOD. I had Buffalo Balls last night, but that story is for another day. (Its okay it was turkey and there were no reproductive parts eaten.)
I made a rosemary bread on Tuesday, it wasn't a baguette but it was okay and warm and starchy. I froze the rest of it thinking I would have it again sometime when I was craving carbs. Last night I made Banana Chocolate Bread and it was the BOMB! Even the 6 year old freaked out today when I gave the last pieces to one of our trainers. Total family approved and I was gaining momentum.
Here it is after I took it out of the oven.
This tastes like dessert but has the nutrient profile of chicken breast and veggies!

Now to be honest I do not condone the use of replacements for real food, I wasn't about to start eating cake  in place of real meals. But it sure was nice to have dessert last night after dinner!

Tonight I was craving eggs, and hollandaise, and oh yummy toast dipped in the yolk and sauce! Off to Pinterest I went. I got off work around 5 so I had some time to cook on this fine windy evening.
Here is how it turned out.
Two eggs, one white, sauteed spinach, leftover rosemary bread and  a yogurt  mirin mock hollandaise sauce.
One pan for everything too! 

Seriously, THAT up there is 44% Protein, 26% carbs and 29% fat. And only 327 calories. It was freakin awesome, the eggs were soft and gooshy, That bread just sopped it all up and the sauce made everything taste decadent, delicious and delightful.

See what I mean?

I am looking forward to what I am in the mood for tomorrow. It's a holiday weekend and we are headed to a party on Sunday. You better believe I will be inhaling a cupcake or two and some great microbrew. But knowing that I can balance those foods with healthier choices through the week makes it a whole lot more fun.

Life is a journey. As much as I love being healthy and fit, I don't want to miss out on any of it. I want to ENJOY THE JOURNEY! The food, the love, the salt water and sand beaches and amazing blue bird powder days. I look forward to drinking wine and eating pizza in Italy one day, and trying out the latest micro-brews at our totally awesome local brewery. But I also love feeling great, and I think I am finally finding a happy medium between foodie, fit freak, and couch potato.
Feeling inspired? Check out my pinterest food board I plan on adding lots to it over the summer.
Until then, enjoy the wind! And be glad it doesn't blow like this all the time.


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