Phew! It's been a while since I have written and it is time again. Though this time I am enjoying a totally new Journey. The hubby and I are in training for the Bozeman Triton Long Course Triathlon on July 29th and so far training is going really well. 
Me and the Hubby with friends after the Bozeman Triton Sprint Triathlon 2011
To give you a little background... Back in 2000 I did my first triathlon. (The Kaneohe Bay Sprint Triathlon) when we were living on the beautiful island of Oahu. Did you know that Kaneohe Bay is one of the largest mating grounds of hammerhead sharks in the world? Neither did I, until the morning of the race. So much fun. I am pretty sure I touched a shark (might have been a turtle) during the swim portion of the race.

I was hooked after that and ended up racing quite a bit in the 3 years we lived in Hawaii. My final race there was the Xterra World Championships on Maui. I had a 101 degree fever and walking pnuemonia, it was awesome! In an earlier blog I posted about getting my butt kicked by a beautiful guy with one leg, yep that was THAT race. I love character building experiences! It was fun though, and felt really good to qualify and travel for something that I was passionate about. I made it into the newspaper for being the very last biker to make it through the bike course before the closed the course. You had to finish each portion of the course in a certain time of they wouldn't let you finish. Mountain biking was NOT my strong point, but I did pass about 60 people on the run so I was proud of myself.

The 2002 Xterra World Championship
Wailea, Maui, Hawaii - October 27, 2002Women's Division Results
Swim - .93 MilesBike - 18.6 MilesRun - 6.8 Miles

    Place  Name           Swim      Bike      Run      Overall

 11  Caryn Moxey         :32:50  03:02:27  01:01:44    4:37:01

See? Slow bike, not as slow run.

Over the years I have gone through phases of intense triathlon training and burnout, plus having a kiddo sort of dampened my enthusiasm for hardcore commitment for a few years. With the building of our new gym and my hubby as business partner he decided it would be a good idea for us to train for something "real". His words, not mine... So here we are on the path to completing 70.3 miles on our own manpower in 10 weeks. YIKES 10 WEEKS! I will be back soon.. I've got work to do.


  1. Yay! So excited for you and I cant wait to hear all about it! I think you are a total inspiration and thank you for always advising me!


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