Today was better…
My life has been kind of stressful lately. In a good way though. I could have worse problems than being stressed and busy about building and opening the business of our dreams in two weeks. My brain is on hyper-speed and I have so much on my “to do” list I don’t even know where to start some days.
My food hasn’t exactly been great lately. I ate McDonalds on Saturday… twice. I also had a massive amount of sushi AND Cold Stone (though I did manage a healthier protein smoothie there). Ya know what? It was GOOOOOD. I did not regret it one bit. You know why? Because having a few days of emotional eating will not set me back. I have always had a relationship with food, sometimes it has been pretty great and sometimes it has been more on the abusive side. There were times in my life when I would let a few bad days turn into a bad week, throw off my workouts and ruin my entire attitude and self-worth. I found that it was the residual guilt and the actions it created that really messed me up over time.
So today I got up and ate a good breakfast, got in a solid workout, and kept myself hydrated through my workday. Today was a good day!


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